Resources Master List

This page will contain a master list of ALL websites we find useful for the purposes of Game Dev related activities. Use appropriately and within reason. If you feel there should be a change, feel free to reach out through this website or the discord. Do not consider the order of these lists as significant and explore all options to find the ones that best suit your needs. Need more help? Check discord!

General Game Dev Communities

These are websites that are generally agnostic towards tools or other common elements of game design and development. If you wish to participate in the community for Unreal Engine, for example, you should check the appropriate page for their community links such as forums or discord.

  • – Solid community for players and makers alike. Buy, sell, chat it up. It has an excellent selection available.
  • Indie DB – Another solid website full of games, assets, articles, and community.

Pixel Art

  • Pixilart – Great community geared specifically towards Pixel Art. Includes community features, a place to share your art, and some solid tutorials


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