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We’re starting to add Stealth mechanics, QoL changes, and tweaks to levels to make it easier for the baby birds dipping their feet into the game! 😀

Soon enough we’ll be getting back in the Writer’s Room to start working on Chapter 3 and, perhaps, maybe even Chapter 4… 😉
(also yes, the title is a reference to Freaks and Geeks 🤓)

Key Changes


JKR Hiding Showcase 1

“Hiding” Feature Showcase

We’re working on some new features for players who prefer to play more stealthily. One of the features you’ll notice in 2.3.0 includes Hiding spots! These give you the ability to hide behind and/or under certain furniture without getting spotted by Roof Turrets and/or Security Guards (so long as you haven’t been spotted entering a hiding spot.)

We are still prototyping more potential Upgrades and features that enhance the “Stealth” elements of the game, and other useful one-time buffs, plus some QoL stuff that both new players and veterans will appreciate, so stay tuned!


JKR Upgrades ES

“End Screen Upgrades” Feature Showcase

You can now enable/disable and apply Upgrades after beating a level! This will make Upgrades more accessible and, hopefully, make them play a more active role during the game 🙂


The primary focus of this update has been to rebalance some levels to make the game more accessible to newer players, and other tweaks to generally make the game more enjoyable to play. More tweaks and features are to come! 😀

🏃❤️Just Keep Running for Charity

JKR For Charity Logo Web

Yup! We’re running a SALE for Just Keep Running, and ALL PROCEEDS ARE GOING TO CHARITY! We raised over $70 for Heart to Heart International last time, so let’s try to BEAT THAT RECORD! ❤️

For just a dollar, you can get Just Keep Running as well as some other benefits, such as HQ Downloads of the Soundtrack, Bonus Content, and Steam Keys for Just Keep Running! (Once we launch in Early Access)


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100% of all Net Earnings from the Sale and Twitch Revenue will be donated to World Central Kitchen, which prepares & serves fresh, nourishing meals to communities and areas impacted by natural disasters and during humanitarian crises.

If you wanna support the cause, you can either PAY FOR JUST KEEP RUNNING via the sale, or you can WATCH VSWEDEOFFICIAL on Twitch, where Victor does Gaming content and Dev Streams of Just Keep Running & T-1000, and contribute via cheering, tipping, subscribing, or watching ads!

Full Changelog

[2.3.0] – 2024-03-08


  • HIDING: You can now hide behind/under certain furniture/obstacles and be completely hidden from enemies so long as they haven’t spotted you entering that hiding spot. This should be beneficial to players who prefer to play the game more stealthily.
  • END SCREEN UPGRADES: You can now access your Upgrades at the end of levels! Once you reach the End Screen, you’ll have the option to open the Upgrades menu.
  • Added new HUD animation at the start of chapters.
  • Minor improvements and changes to sound effects to more clearly communicate certain gameplay info.


  • Reoptimized and adjusted certain levels and stages to balance gameplay for newer players:
    • 1-2, Stage 4: Time Trial Time increased 45s -> 60s
    • 1-3, Stage 5: Time Trial Time increased 45s -> 60s
    • 2-1, Stage 4: Time Trial Time increased 45s -> 60s & Minor changes to stage
    • 2-2, Stage 3: Slightly repositioned Disintegration Panels
    • 2-2, Stage 4: Repositioned and removed certain Lasers
    • 2-3, Stage 3: Repositioned and recolored keycards to make them easier to spot
    • 2-4: Recolored Overwatch keycard to make it easier to spot and differentiate from other keycards
  • Made the “Walljump Counter” more clearly communicated
  • The I.M.I.Self Intro volume now changes according to the Master Volume setting. You should no longer be blasted with loud intro noises now if you’ve changed the volume settings! 😀


  • Loading bar freezing up at 1/10th of the progress.
  • Screen glitch effects potentially not disappearing when a Story Message is skipped.
  • Banished 2 souls to the shadow realms (source code)


  • Playing a level for the first time on the Steam build might result in slower loading times. We’re looking into potential solutions for this.
  • Playing the game with a Switch Pro controller may lead to issues controlling the player’s character. This is seemingly an issue with the Unity Input System, and sadly out of our control.
  • Playing the game with a Dualshock 4 controller, or playing on a Steam Deck while having a keyboard connected, may lead to issues involving controlling the game with the Keyboard itself. This is also potentially an issue with the Unity Input System, which is beyond our control.

Changelog formatting is partly based on Keep a Changelog (Keepachangelog.com). Version numbers are formatted as such…

    • Major releases usually include extensive visual & technological additions, like new campaign chapters and/or major new features, or overhauls of significant systems that might invalidate older game versions, such as save files.
    • Minor releases include visual & technological additions and changes that are significant but likely do not include anything that may invalidate older versions of the game.
    • Hotfix releases mostly include quality-of-life changes or fixes to other bugs and issues.

Source: Indie DB