Hi, I made a little 3D preview tool to support your Godot model asset workflow. If you like please take a look. In case you give feedback or request new features I’m very welcome to realize them. 


  1. Intuitive Interface: A mix of Godot and Blender look&feel and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and interaction.
  2. Godot Compatibility: Supports native GLTF and OBJ 3D file formats, ensuring to preview your assests exactly in the way as they are in your Godot project.
  3. Drag&Drop support: Drop *.gltf, *.glb or *.obj files in the application window (or the HTML frame version). Also drop image textures on *.obj to change the texture.
  4. Animation preview: Ability to play the integrated 3D animations in GLTF models
  5. Efficient Workflow: Speed up your development process by quickly assessing and selecting the available assets for your projects.
  6. Seamless Integration: Designed specifically for the Godot Engine, ensuring smooth integration into your development pipeline.
  7. Infinite mouse rotation/translation space by warping your mouse from window start to end position (like in Blender and Godot).
  8. Possible to start the application with *.glb, *.gltf and *.obj files as parameter for fast preview ability.

Source: itch.io