In an unstable world of ultimate simplicity, you proceed towards the complex as you restore stability. Presenting – Texture Patcher!

Due to the lack of repair, many texture blocks are falling off, and there are missing textures everywhere. Two texture blocks, “black” and “white”, decided to patch the missing textures, restoring completeness and stability.

Remember, working alone might not be enough, cooperation is the key to success.

What is the key feature? How is the theme of cooperation incorporated into the game? Why is this game super simple in graphics? How does a single player game teach about cooperation?

In the game, the black block moves in white and the white block moves in white. When controlling one of them (e.g. black), the other (white) blends in with the background and enables the controlled one (black) to go through it. (This is the key “path-building” feature, first shown in level 11.) The two blocks must work together to reach their goals. The simple graphics allow the key feature to work flawlessly.

Click the image below to take a try exploring the feature!

Click the image to play on browser!
Click the image to play on browser!