Brunelleschi is Back!

Whether you are a long-lost player or a new enthusiast of historical civic games, you’ll be excited to hear that the source code of Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is is undergoing an all new transformation.

Those of you familiar with the project may recall that the original web code is now over a decade old. We were using Debian 8, PHP 7.0, and a whole stack of other now-outdated software and library versions. This was the state of Brunelleschi when we first ressurected the complete image of the last working server. Like Frankenstein’s Monster, we have summoned it from the slab and soon and early signs of life are already evident.

Screenshot 2024 05 04 233627

The Rise of Old Brune

It took a little initial troubleshooting, but we soon got the heartbeat of Old Brune beating again. The time scripts are re-automated. RabbitMQ is queuing and completing time-based tasks. That means buildings are harvesting, construction is completing, and research is generating.

It’s Aliiiiiive! Now-ancient giants like Testopia are running again. High-level characters are once again starving to death on a regular basis.

Screenshot 2024 05 04 233923

The State of the Code

So what’s going on with Old Brune’s source code? We’re dissecting it. We’re taking it apart, looking at how it all worked the first time. We’re exploring both features and flaws in equal measure. This was, in part, necessary just to get the old beast moving again. A few protocols have changed. A few deeply rooted syntaxes needed to be updated. And now, we’re ready to rebuild.

Soon, many of the core features of Brunelleschi will be rewritten in C++, with robust and highly adaptive new code structures that will work just as smoothly with the php and mysql (now mariadb) core.

One Programmer to Rule Them All

One of the major changes in Brunelleschi development is the rise of a single programmer, having defeated all other developers in single combat. I kid.

The core development team now consists of the original designer and the Unity developer. Remember the Unity client? That glorious 3D masterpiece of hand-crafted VR-compatible environments? The apprentice genius of original Unity client (me) is now matured and ready to take on 100% of the code functionality.

The new web game will be built with 3D client integration in mind, and I won’t be waiting on anyone to make my HTML data calls this time. Oh no! It’s C++ and C# all the way!

Screenshot 2024 05 04 234047

Rebuilding the Age of Architects

Like an old building being refitted with new pipes, wiring, and fresh plaster, Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is being rebuilt from the inside, out.

So with renewed energy, we are resurrecting Old Brune, shaking off the cobwebs, and preparing to rebuild the core functions. But for now, test characters are already starting new settlements, getting jobs, and embarking on (still somewhat buggy) digital adventures.

Source: Indie DB