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Knight Stories

A game made in 3 days. This is my first solo game jam game i made. The game jam is called; Mini jam edition 141.

The theme was Stories, and i made a small (board) puzzle game.

You (the blue knight) Are playing against the Dark Knight (the red Knight) and you both should feel like statues, like chess pieces.

The Dark knight will kill you if he touches you, and he is a bit faster so you must use Stratefy.


You move by destroying walls by clicking on them. The 2 points before and after the wall turn green, and you will move towards the nearest green point of the two. But the Dark Knight will too. If one of you reaches the green point you both stop moving. So you have to lure the Dark knight away to get to certain places.


By reading the story you should know where to go before reaching the end. You have to collect certain objects.

Other idea’s

Because i had no time i only implemented one story. Their are supposed to be around three stories that take place on the same board, so you have to play again three times, and dodge object that dont belong to the story you are playing right now. I thought it would also be fun to implement the Dark Knight in the stories, as ans example that you die by him and he takes a golden chest, so you also have bad ending stories.

It could also be fun to make the walls and placements procedural, so you have to think wich story is the most possible to play at the moment, and also good for replayability

I hope you give it a try

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