Greetings! The time has come for Alder Forge to transition from Early Access to Full Launch. I hope that the launch version provides you with an entertaining experience, or at the very least, some fun. Without further ado, let’s delve into the v1.0.0 manifest.

  • The Divine Weapons Pack optional event is added to the game’s final dungeon “Netherwaves Halls”. This pack contains the in-game most powerful weapons and can be acquired by assembling the twelve fragments scattered in the game’s final dungeon.

Image Subject: Divine Weapons Pack Preview

  • The full content and Q check for all the NPCs from the start of the game is completed.
  • Interactive Guardian Battles SFX swap is reworked.
  • All the skills and items content check is completed.
  • Dragon Force VFX is enhanced and partially reworked for pre and post-teleport.
  • Dragon Force points are populated in the Atlas Court post chapter 1 for easy and quick navigation, the moment Adriel unlocks this exploration skill.
  • Footsteps VFX is enhanced.
  • The cliffs and rocks’ collision in the Valley of the Twelve and the Etheros Path have been reworked from hand-drawn to precise hull real-time collision.
  • A finger twitch issue was found in all the NPC guards and was fixed for every NPC guard from the start of the game.
  • The protester’s NPCs’ animations in Val Réal (Leodorian District) during chapter 3 have been reworked.
  • Prop and asset occlusion is added in-combat during the execution of the Anima-latent Skills.
  • Orvysian banners and flags during chapter 3 have been reworked from fake physics clothing to proper real-time physics clothing.
  • The in-combat attack for the Knight class has been reworked to execute a double damage.
  • Flying mob’s fall animation in the final dungeon “Netherwaves Halls” has been reworked.
  • The mobs’ stats in the Voxenhold Hills during late chapter 3 have been lowered.
  • An optional conversation has been added at the start of the game in the High Council building to introduce the optional event “Fragments”.
  • A 1.5k Drachis is added at the start of the game in the chest inside Adriel’s bedroom in the Pax Residence.
  • All the game cutscenes’ content Q pass is completed.

I thank you once more for the time you’ve spent in the world of the Alder Forge. It was a privilege knowing that you have embarked and followed the journey of these characters and navigated their story.

Kind Regards,
Zine. E. Falouti

Source: Indie DB