Hello Explorers!

Think you and your bestie can take on any challenge together? We’d like to see you try. We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip awaits you!

In this bite-sized new series from the main We Were Here games, you’ll put your friendships to test!

You and your partner take the role of an Antarctic Explorer pair, hearing a distress call that might be familiar to some of you. Eager to answer the call, you try to identify the location, but the weather that’s brewing outside causes their focus to wither . You end up at an uninhabited island which has an amusement park?! If you’re able to find your way in, a series of puzzling trails await the two of you, where Communication, Teamwork and Trust are of the essence. You won’t be able to pass them alone, so be sure to work together…

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You can now take your ultimate friendship test for free until October 13, so be sure that you and your bff (or are they?) have claimed the game before this date. It will be yours forever to keep. And it doesn’t matter which platform you and partner will play on, as the game is playable cross platform! So you can truly test your friendship across platforms.

If you’re new to the We Were Here series, don’t worry. This is a complete new experience, so you and your partner can jump into the test without any worries. Well, the only worry you might have is failing the friendship test. 😉 We from Total Mayhem games are known for co-op adventures, focusing on the cooperation between the two players! The asymmetrical element of our games give it an extra layer, where you and your co-op partner are truly depended on each other. If you like to level your smarts, while going through a puzzling adventure, our games are sure to be something for you!

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For our veteran Explorers, this might be a fun little side experience for you to play! Although there are some small lore implications to the main We Were Here series, this is a new series bringing bite-sized co-op puzzle experiences. Who knows, maybe this is the gateway for that one friend you’ve been bugging for so long to play the game! Since once you enter the Antarctic and fall into the grasp of Castle Rock, you’ll never truly leave…

We want to ensure you all as well that this doesn’t mean that our main We Were Here series is completed. We’ve got a lot more adventures planned for you, this is just a small little side quest for you 😉

Aboard the FriendShip now!

Steam: Store.steampowered.com
Epic: Store.epicgames.com
PlayStation: Store.playstation.com
Xbox: Microsoft.com

Show off your bestie

Be sure to share your friendship results with us on social media using hashtags #PlayTheFriendShip #WeWereHere or in our Discord.
And who knows, you might get featured on our social media and win some prizes!

Bon voyage!

Source: Indie DB