An improved Eleven Commandments, my first fantasy rpg, is available here on!

After many christian adaptations to the videogame format, Eleven Commandments brings a new approach to the genre by adapting less known stories from the Bible into a unique JRPG experience.

Play as Adam, a cursed warrior on a quest to save the world of Elucis, facing armies of lion-horse hybrid riders, child-killing bears, wrathful giants and sea creatures. Meet friends and foes based on characters from the Bible and the mythology that surrounds it, and culminate your journey by stopping the dreaded Beast from laying waste on the world.

On your journey, you will experience:

  • An epic Bible-themed fantasy rpg story, with one main plot and three subplots.
  • A dynamic turn-based battle system.
  • A diverse Job System to customize the main party, with over a dozen unlockable jobs with their unique mechanics and skills.

Among many others.

Enjoy this epic RPG Maker adventure!