After about a month of developing my little game called “Coy The Koi” I’m proud to say that it is finally finished!

Quick summary: You play as Coy and have to eat as much food as possible while dogding obstacles to survive and gain points! Feel free to share your highscore in the comments under the game, I’d love to see it!

Check it out here: Coy The Koi

I know it ain’t much but I’m very proud of it. I still have a lot to learn and improve in but the game engine I chose, which is Godot, makes this a very pleasant journey! This game was developed completely by myself in my freetime and took about a month. All the art is mine and I did the programming, but the music and sounds were found somewhere in the internet! 

So this is a message to all the people that really want to make games but don’t know where they should start. I feel you guys! I was there once but all I can say is this: Choose a game engine, think of an idea and start developing! The most important thing is to just keep it simple and small. 

That’s just what I did with “Coy The Koi” and it worked perfectly. I focused on actually making a playable game and finish it as soon as possible. And now that the game is published I can say that I learned A LOT while making this game. Not a single project I started before teached me nearly as much as this one.

You got this šŸ™‚