This is a free art project, a walking simulator game with themes of unfreeness and human rights, with an electronic music soundtrack.

Yes there’s a day/night cycle but I gave you a flashlight

My intention is to keep adding detail into the landscape, all while people are welcome to download and visit it.  I created it in blocks and the current feature-complete block is block 3.  The remainder of the work to be done on block 3 will consist of fully detailing the landscape.

Play begins in one of three locations at random, in a fully interconnected larger realm.  The player walks, slips, stumbles and scrambles by way of exploring until they ‘die’.  Then a song plays and a caption shows that highlights some aspect of unfreedom and our need to cultivate humaneness in ourselves and one another.  Afterward the game closes.  It is anticipated to visit several times to have any chance of seeing everything!

The only other thing I’ll put forth is that a way exists to access flying.

This is an outsider art project, using only the 3D shapes available in Unity Editor and basically 0 budget.

Thank you for your interest.