This pack contains 14 seamlessly loopable, dark, rhythmic industrial tracks (16-bit, 44.1kHz wav files) and 31 mins, 39 secs of original music.

This pack is aimed at horror games with a larger emphasis on combat and chase sequences. Most of the tracks in this music pack feature heavy use of percussion and rhythmic sound effects to create tense, high-energy atmospheres that are perfect for boss fights, enemy encounters, ambushes, chases, and escapes. Four of these tracks have an alternate version with either the drums solo’d out, or with just the industrial ambiance without the drums. This allows the game developer the possibility of having a suspenseful, ambient area theme without percussion when it’s safe, and then a rhythmic, percussive version for when it gets dangerous. Warehouses, factories, asylums, prisons, sewers, and slaughterhouses are just some of the locations that inspired the sounds in these brutal, blood-pumping tracks!