Human Upgrade Labs

In this game you will be playing a role of a fool, I’m sorry, a volunteer who signed up to participate in the tests going on in the Human Upgrade Labs in the far future Earth. You heard  rumors that anyone who manages to pass the various tests and lessons designed to improve you in every conceivable way will have new and amazing possibilities unlocked in life. That, or  be completely broken mentally.

The lessons you take will essentially be various mini games placed in several different categories.

What’s new in 0.3 update ( I will keep updating this game, damn it!)

5 new levels! That means 26 levels of various size in total now.

2 Testing Fields lessons

The main thing in this update are the 2 levels in a new level category – the Testing Fields. Testing Fields are different from other minigames in that they are a mix between 2d and 3d. As an introduction to this level category you will be given a task of doing some Solar Tree gardening which will involve: manipulating the environment in search for seeds, trying to plant as many Solar Trees as possible within given time, managing funds which are generated by said trees and which you can spend by buying more of them. All of this can be made much more efficient if you manage to find and unlock a couple rare types of trees with special features. Testing fields can be unlocked by finishing only a couple of other levels, even if you start from a new game.

I had an idea for the Testing Fields brewing in my skull for a while, but was kinda intimidated to start on it before my coding skulls upgraded a bit. The plan is to keep adding more environment and different tests in this category so that with each one you unlock a new area and each level gives you a larger environment to interact with overall. Which I hope I can keep doing because I spent maybe 5 times more hours on coding this than any other level, haha.

2 lessons in patience

These will be familiar to any jigsaw puzzle fan, but the difference is that you will be able to mirror flip the pieces and also to start you are only getting a few correctly placed parts. You find out what’s depicted when you complete these. The finished images will expand on the world building and I did have a fair bit of fun coming up with and painting them.

Also these might take a little while, as the name of the lessons suggests, but don’t worry. These lessons save all progress so you can continue from where you left off any time.

Lastly a little test about bargaining

You will have to get some research funds from this lovely person, because everyone at Money Bags Inc. hate your instructor at this point and anyone would have a better chance bargaining with them for some Infinibucks than him. It might as well be you who does it.

A bit more character customization which is unlocked by completing new levels, as always.