After 3 years of work, stripping down, rebuilding and optimizing the game, Easy Day Studios are proud to announce Skater XL has gone gold, and will be releasing on the Switch this December (you can already find the game on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation).

“We are stoked to have the game running at a rare and buttery smooth 60 FPS in both handheld and docked mode, while maintaining the signature fluid, physics-based gameplay feel of Skater XL that players have enjoyed so much on other platforms.” – Dain, Easy Day Founder

This is a faithful and fully-featured release and we are excited to be delivering the full Skater XL experience to the Switch’s unique on-the-go platform this December.

With over 18,000 mods listed on their UGC page, and rapidly approaching 50,000,000 mod downloads lifetime, it’s awesome to see Skater XL remaining true to it’s core, and delivering the familiar open, creative sandbox to skate, film, hang out and enjoy, at your own pace. Including features like freeskate multiplayer, the replay editor, character customization and downloadable user-generated content through our Mod Browser, Skater XL is bringing the smoothest, most responsive realistic skateboarding game ever to the Switch.

This is an impressive feat by the team, and is one of the first games to support a truely moddable experience on the Switch. Look out for it landing in December.

Source: Indie DB