Playtown is a adventure horror game set in a kid’s abandoned indoor playground. Your daughter has just lost her necklace which was very dear to her, and now you are tasked with finding it. Try to search around and unravel the mysteries surrounding the abandoned. Remember, you are not alone – danger can be lurking in every corner.

Captivating story and puzzles to solve!

Embark on an emotional and thrilling journey into finding your daughter’s lost necklace inside a big indoor playground. A captivating adventure horror game that will tug at your heartstrings. Step into the shoes of a loving father determined to find and reunite his daughter with her precious necklace.

Survive the abandoned kid’s play town and uncover the mysteries of Steg the dino.

Will you be able to survive? Solve puzzles while trying to survive the hidden horrors that await you inside Playtown.

Welcome to the abandoned place called – Playtown!

Find and uncover mysteries and puzzles to find out what happened Playtown!

– but be careful, you are not alone … Steg the dino might get you!

Experience the story and uncover the mysteries of what happened inside Playtown.

Playtown is a horror game made by one developer. This is an indie adventure horror game with puzzles to solve, and terrifying encounters, pickup system, running and hiding and more. If you can, please submit your feedback and report any bugs and this will really help speed up the progress of the development.
Source: Indie DB