An assortment of vehicles and setup options to be used in small arenas for the purpose of practicing navigational skills with 6axis thrust. 

using a placer mode,, fly a vehicle that defies physics to place objects, plan out course-orders, and quickly cruise the area to be confident in your build. 

dock to weights with all vehicles , land on them as the lander, dock to them as the drone, or dock to them, and then dock the freight to bays with the loader. Practice driving with a lopsided center of weight as all thrust comes from the vehicle, and none of it comes from the weights. dock to dockports and landing pads as well,, all can be used as part of the race. 

Get used to plenty of camera options including 2 player placeable cameras that are static in the environment and can be moved in placer-mode, or panned and zoomed while selected to the view. 

place everything from hoops to large rocks, allowing for a reasonable variety of scenery. 

configure nearly any joystick set or gamepad on the market! The games input is powered by “rewired” which allows for easy implementation of advanced user interface.  

I apologize to the faint of heart,, the game is like a playground ,, but provides plenty of challenge to overcome! If you find yourself disoriented try one of the smaller, basic arenas to keep your environment under control!! 

If you are skilled with electronics and are curious about my personal favorite controller,,, check out instructions on how to build your own here! 

Ace Racers SP by tsmspace (