Another Realm: Cursed Friends, an early prototype of a branching narrative turn-based adventure RPG inspired by Persona and The Witcher series, is available to playtest!

Game Page:

If you like Persona or Dragon Age then you must give it a try!

You’re Keenan, an awkward and anxious student who winds up cursed as a blood-crazed vampire after falling through a realm tear in his school basement!

With a fatal curse, and only till graduation to lift it, journey with fellow cursed friends through the eccentric fantasy realm of Mytherrealm to remove your curse and unravel the mystery of who or what is cursing students.

  • Experience a fun, humorous and epic narrative with mystery and banter
  • Explore Mytherrealm, an eccentric fantasy world rich with charming characters, fascinating lore, and magical territories.
  • There are multiple routes to achieve your goal. Branching narrative decided by your decisions and talent success.
  • Stylish, strategic, and immersive turn-based grid-style combat with numerous mechanics to maintain excitement throughout the long adventure.
  • Seven attributes to develop: Strength, Finesse, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Build your party members how you desire and create absolutely busted builds!

More features to come soon!

You can discover more screenshots on the game page.