Jawbreaker has some big updates! The new trailer reveals 2 epic boss battles, a menacing mini-boss, brand new locations, and a new weapon:

Prepare to face the “Faceless Speaker” boss in Jawbreaker. This nightmare-fueled foe boasts three intense attack phases:

  1. Conveyer Belts / Saws / Machine Guns
  2. Rocket barrages
  3. Flamethrowers

Luckily it’s prone to overheating, afterwards you can break open one of five wall panels. Inside, you’ll find the lever for two maintenance hatches with fuel tanks. Blast away all 10 tanks to destroy the machine completely.

Faceless Speaker Boss Fight (Jawbreaker)

A truly chaotic boss fight that will have players on their toes the entire duration.

Along with the new boss fight there’s new areas to explore in Jawbreaker, such as: The Faceless Bunker, Underground Parking, IT (a cryptic puzzle-filled zone), Darktooth’s Lair (home to a challenging mini-boss), and new areas of the New Citadel Police Station.

Silenced pistol in the bunker (Jawbreaker)

The entrance to “The Faceless Bunker”

Darktooth fight with axe (Jawbreaker)

Encountering Darktooth in “IT”

The demo has received an update too. Some extra features, fixes, and a couple hidden Easter Eggs have been added.

Demo available now on Itchio:

And also on Steam:

Stay tuned for more updates, screenshots, and videos on the full game coming later this year!

VL (@VincentLade)

Source: Indie DB