Hi! I’ve just uploaded is a level constructor created specially for my frog characters Mr and Mrs Dude (available for free). Everything started with them.It is the first of several biomes of my frog world that I have in mind.

This asset can be used separately too of course. I’m planning 32×32 tiles and a bunch of items which will have the same theme – cakes and all things sweet.
All background layers can be stacked seamlessly to create infinite side-scrollers with infinite cakes. 

List of biomes of the frogs’ world planned (these will become links when stuff gets done): 

1. Cake Valley

2. Chocolate Dungeon

3. Jelly Forest

4. Frog Village

5. Butterbeer Falls

A background constructor is already finished and available for download (I would probably update / expand it in the future though).  Next I’m going to upload a platforms tileset. 
If you know some cakes or other things that would look perfect in this biome, lemme know!

License: You can use it for anything, but I’d be very grateful if you give me credit.

Source: itch.io