• Experience the end of the story in four more thrilling chapters ([b]another 50+ hours of gameplay[/b])

  • Explore three new expansive areas as well as numerous handmade caves

  • Fight new monsters with unique abilities

  • Find out about the Master of the Sky Fortress

  • Feel the power of the new natural events

  • Call one of the two new pets to your side in battle

  • Meet new inhabitants of the world of Behind the Horizon

  • Experience how your love for Aleena and Cailan grows – Help the inhabitants of Wood Home through this challenging time

  • Grow new interesting plants on your farm

  • Build new items, mix new spells and cook new recipes

Important: This is a DLC expansion of Behind the Horizon, which you need to play! Click here to go to the shop page of the main game:
Additionally you need the first DLC – The Desert to continue the  Main Stoyline!