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Hello everybody !

August update 0.4.14 is now available!
Updated jump system, interface, saves, music and more!

In a nutshell:
A lot of work has gone into the game’s save system. Updates to the demo, the player’s jump system and the entire interface. Numerous details have been added to all levels, and many corrections have been made to the mirrors and the Somnus level. Also new music in Pluto’s temple and tutorial levels. And finally, numerous bug fixes, with the most important ones listed below.

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Update note :

– The demo has been updated to 0.4.14.

– Saving now saves player and horse rotation when loading a game or changing levels.
– Saving now also records whether the player is on the horse or not when saving, so that the player reappears on the horse.
– When the player reappears or after a load or level change, the horse should no longer be levitating above the ground, all the save system has been reviewed and corrected.
– The player’s jumping system has been modified: you can now influence the distance and direction of your jump. The player is not a plane, so this influence remains weak, but this new addition makes it possible to correct your jump during this one.

Somnus level:
– Mirrors have been reworked to make their light reflection less precise and less difficult to achieve.
– Their rotation has been reviewed and they should no longer rotate alone or very slowly. Also, the rotation pivot has been moved more to the center.
– Numerous details and new paths have been added to simplify navigation.
– Fixed a bug that reduced the intensity of the lights emitted by the mirrors on the first rotation.

Levels :
– Added numerous details in all levels of the game, statues, distant ruins, writings on temples and for puzzles, … .

– Added new definitive music for the game in the menu, in the tutorial level, in Pluto’s temple and in Pluto’s underworld. The music will then be added to subsequent levels in future updates. The music was created by myself, so I own the copyright, which wasn’t the case before because the music was purchased. So now the game can be broadcast on video and stream sites without copyright problems.
– Deactivation of all old music to avoid copyright problems.

– The background scene of the main menu has been completely redone to match the new music and additions made over a year ago.
– Modification of the entire interface. Texts are in white and fonts in black.
– New cursor added.
– All loading images and demo updated.

Graphics :
– Improved rendering of some particles, so that they use the surrounding light correctly.

Major bug:
– After a reappearance following a fall, the player could no longer grip a rope, and on the first jump the character performed a wall jump into the void.
– After a reappearance following a fall, the player now automatically unequips the bow or torch. This could cause animation problems.
– When the character is underwater for too long, the black veil is now displayed smoothly and correctly.
– The player can no longer breathe underwater for as long. The black veil lets the player know when to surface.
– The game’s overall audio when loading a game could return to 100% at the time of loading.

See you next month for update 0.4.15!

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