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Elemental Wizards V1.0-alpha C4

It’s a pleasure to announce the first release of our game, Elemental Wizards. A new trading card game for PC and Mobile with the objective to bring entertainment and good moments for all the fans of the genre and, of course, people who want to introduce themselves to this kind of game.

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Elemental Wizards features a battle between mages belonging to different clans. In the first edition, called “Arcanium,” we desired to feature the four main elements of nature (Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth). Players will need to select one of the mages alongside 49 cards to build a deck strong enough to deal against the ones from the other mages. The game includes cards such as:

  • Henchmen – Creatures that battle for your mage.
  • Spells – Powerful effects that lift your possibilities in battle.
  • Sacrifices – Resources needed to play cards.

The first edition, Arcanium, includes a total of 150 cards. and new are incoming in the next editions.

The first alpha version of the game features two different game modes

  • A fully completed Single-Player random battle called “Skirmish Mode.” There, players can build decks freely or let the game build one from them and face a randomly generated deck of a selected Mage.
  • A WIP campaign mode where players will be able to obtain new cards for their personal decks.

This game is still a work in progress, and we expect to bring you more exciting stuff. Thanks to the people who offered their help by testing our game and people who supported the development process in any way.

Elemental Wizards V1.0-alpha C4

In our “Files” section, we have uploaded a Windows version and a potential Android version (Which should be compatible only with Phones). The game also targets being available for iOS and MacOSX, but those versions will have to wait a while. In the meantime, you can enjoy our alpha version, as new updates will be announced soon. Also, in the “Files” section, complete game instructions can be found. We will also leave a video of Gameplay that may allow you to understand the game flow better.

Best regards and happy gaming.

— Ether Studios Team —

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