I’m announcing the tentative release date of this murderous surrealist madness for September 27th this year! In addition to the announcement, I’d like to present what’s new in the game and what still needs to be done before this date! I mean, I hope everything goes smoothly and there will be no delays. Keep your fingers crossed, thanks! Steampage

From last June’s author diary I announced primarily clearer game help, better orientation in space, more frequent interaction, new demo and many other details. However, of those listed, I’ve only completed the in-game help, and other things are now awaiting me. It’s not much of an achievement, but it can be done.

What is currently new since June?

  • New in-game help (gives more context to the plot, scene).
  • Wall of Shame. New information feature in the Subconscious, points out the player’s deeds through the game.
  • Improved in-game score. Clearer, with many additions. However, it has yet to be properly tested.
  • 2 new story additions (main character flashbacks)
  • Redesign of the additional in-game help
  • Deep internal beta testing

gray gif 4 2

What’s still to be completed?

  • Clearer in-game orientation in Awake (remaster, let’s say!).
  • Optional black solid in the UI (below inventory and bottom bar)
  • Finish the new dialogue system.
  • More visual help in environments.
  • Bigger differences between the three game difficulties.
  • Additional testing of the game cursors (can be annoying).
  • New final demo.
  • Additional optional interactions in the environment.
  • More non-essential alternate paths in specific scenes.
  • Light reworking of the first 2 chapters of the game.
  • Prepare Steam Achievements, new game cheats.
  • Well, I’ll think of something else…

It may sound like a lot, but some tasks can be done in a couple of hours, some (in terms of redoing 5 year old images) in maybe 3 days. But I’ll work harder under pressure! Hehe. For now, that’s all from me and I’ll be looking forward to the next update, or maybe even the 27th of September! On Steampage!

Thank you very much for your attention, and let’s kill merrily!

Source: Indie DB