Hey everyone!

If you use GameMaker and you’ve ever wanted to use some cool effect, like Bloom and Godrays, you’ve probably faced a big problem: you want the glow to only hit particles or certain areas of the game, and not your player you took your time so much to draw.

That’s why I bring you a solution for this: HDR Mode.

This compact library lets you render particles and other visual effects without affecting the game’s pixel artwork.

  • Below you can compare:
  1. Without HDR:

Notice how little control there is over where some visual effects, such as Bloom, appear in the game’s art, creating unwanted visuals, mainly on high saturated graphics.

  1. With HDR:

Some Features:

  • Vibrant particles/vfx without affecting your game art – Useful Bloom/Glow, Godrays;
  • Supports multiple views (in any position and size) – Example: singleplayer, multiplayer/split-screen;
  • This asset clones the application_surface, which means you don’t have to worry about resolution;
  • Does not influence the GUI event in any way;
  • Efficient/high performance;
  • Works with “Keep Aspect Ratio” and “Full scale” graphics option;
  • You don’t need to configure, just import it into the project and you will have HDR mode;
  • Compatible with my other assets;
  • Example included, with emissive particles and multiple views;
  • 3 particle assets included;
  • Tutorial written in text about every detail about how it works;
  • Dedicated Discord server for support (feel free to ask questions! :D);

I used this asset to make a commercial game, and so now it’s available to solve your problem! 😀

Take a look here:


Have a great day, thanks for listening! 😀

Source: itch.io