The fleet is yours to command. You must protect Aether Station at all costs!

Customize your Ships, Upgrade your fleet, and Command your way to victory in this ruthless rogue-lite tower defense game. Fight increasingly difficult hordes of aliens as you adapt to new battlefields with increasingly dire odds.




  • Swap out ship weapons before or during the battle to optimize your damage.
  • Your units gain XP and level up through combat.
  • Earn skill-points to unlock permanent upgrades.
  • Build powerful structure defense buildings.

Move your ships

Move your ships in real time to counter enemy advances.

Gameplay Trailer

Future Plans

We still have a lot of work to do so expect many updates in the coming weeks/months. We still have a ton of visual updates, gameplay optimizations, and features left to add. We plan to go into full release with 3-5 playable maps each with their own visual theme and enemies to match. And of course, we plan to add many more guns, towers, defenses, player placed traps, and even environmental traps!

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