Introducing Pets and Animal Companions: Leveling Rules! The ultimate guide for enhancing your tabletop role-playing experience with your beloved animal companions!

What you find inside:

  • Comprehensive Rules: Easily integrate pet leveling into your d20-sided dice systems with our well-structured and extensively tested guidelines.
  • System Compatibility: Perfectly designed to work seamlessly with your favorite d20-based campaigns, including 5e. Tested extensively in 5e!
  • General Pet Leveling System: Streamlined pet leveling experience with a straightforward General Pet leveling table.
  • Diverse Pet Options: 16 unique pet leveling tables, each featuring special foods, activities, and abilities tailored to specific pet types.
  • Engaging Activities: A diverse range of activities for you and your pets to enjoy, providing valuable XP for growth.
  • Pet Shops: Introduce immersive pet shops into your campaigns, offering services, magical items, and exciting quests for both pets and pet owners.
  • Ready-Made Content: Save time and effort with two pre-designed pet shops, complete with magical accessories, treatments, and experiences.

About the Auhor

Greetings, fellow adventurers! I am JonnyDM, a passionate TTRPGs and D&D player and creator who has been immersed in this game since 2015. My journey began as a player, but my insatiable curiosity soon led me to the Dungeon Master’s seat, where I’ve honed my skills in crafting unforgettable (I hope so) campaigns. Thanks to all the experience I’ve accumulated, I can confidently consider myself a master of mechanics and rules. I take great pride in striking the perfect balance between exciting gameplay and fair challenges and I hope this is reflected in every feat, class, spell, adventure, and magical object I create. With utmost care, I hope to create content that ignites imaginations, brings joy to players, and keeps the thrill of adventure alive. Thank you in advance for your trust. Let’s embark on an unforgettable adventure together!