Dungeon Gathering – Under The Castle Set (A 16×16 asset pack)!

Hello Everyoneee!

This is my first time posting something both here and on itchio, I’m here to tell you about the release of my first asset pack, in this case for a Top-Down style game; RPG, Rougelike, etc. In 16×16 format. 

Which depending on its reception, I might even update it and add more stuff, any advice, suggestion or constructive criticism is welcome 🙂

I spent about 2 weeks working daily on this and I’ll be creating more with different themes, I really would like to dedicate myself full time as an asset creator, everything will depend on how the results flow.

You can get this new package in its free and limited version

Or also in its full version with all 8-frame animations for 10$ Itchio Link

– SnowHex 

Source: itch.io