2P Games, the leading indie game publisher, invites players to embark on a captivating adventure with “Looper Tactics,” a roguelike deckbuilding game that redefines exploration and strategy. Looper Tactics offers a distinct gameplay experience that is both intuitive for newcomers and rewarding for seasoned gamers. The demo is now available for download on Steam, with the full game set to release on August 28, 2023.


Exploration As Deep As You Can

Navigate a chessboard-inspired map layout in “Looper Tactics.” You can go back and forth its tiles according to the mechanics. Every move counts as procedurally generated challenges, enemies, traps, hazards, and puzzles emerge along the way. The question remains: how deep can you venture into the unknown?


Unrestricted Deckbuilding for Strategy

Diversity defines the card races within Looper Tactics, including Demons, Elves, Elements, and Dragons, each has a unique style in terms of gameplay. Construct your deck by synergizing the abilities of these races with your hero’s skills. The potential of every card is boundless, as even the humblest imp can evolve into a formidable asset with upgrades. The game empowers players to customize their strategies and accumulate resources to enhance their preferred cards.


Engage in Classic Card Game Battles

The battle mechanics in Looper Tactics will resonate with veterans of card games, while new players will appreciate the accessible learning curve. Strategic depth abounds, ensuring that each confrontation requires careful planning to secure victory.


Rise Stronger with Each Perseverance

In true roguelike fashion, death is inevitable in “Looper Tactics.” Looper Tactics encourages players to die frequently. Starting anew will let them progress even forward while keeping attributes and enhancements earned during previous runs. Uncover an awe-inspiring ending plot with determination.


Looper Tactics merges roguelike exploration with classic card battle, allowing you to experience persistent character growth in other RPGs, as well as the fun strategy and calculation featured in card battle games. Enjoy the demo on the Looper Tactics Steam page.

Source: Indie DB