Hey everyone, GearBlocks will be coming to Steam Early Access this November!

There are many things still to improve, but you guys have been waiting for so long, I think it‘s time to finally get GearBlocks into your hands! My planned Steam early access release date is November 9th. I‘m also planning on entering the Steam Next Fest from October 9th to 16th, hopefully with a special tutorial demo.

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In the meantime, come and join the community on the GearBlocks Discord.

About the game

GearBlocks is an open ended sandbox game for mechanically minded builders.

You can build a car with rack and pinion steering and a working drive-train with a differential gear. Or you could make a run-and-jump parkour course with motorised bouncy platforms, or an unstoppable walking mechanical elephant. The only limit is your imagination…and physics.

Build or repair your creations anywhere on the map. Snap parts together, resize them, change their materials, paint them, and link their behaviours together. Choose from over 200 parts, including functional mechanical elements such as motors, gears, pulleys, joints, springs, actuators, and much more.

Turn, grab and shove your machines and watch the parts physically interact. Jump into the driver’s seat and put your vehicles through their paces. Crash and smash your constructions to smithereens.

Learn how to build with the in-game tutorial scenario. Explore the example constructions to see how they’re put together. Test your builds in the included challenge scenarios.

Make rag-dolls from body parts and use them as your custom player character. Mod the game with Lua scripting to create your own custom tools, scenarios, challenges and mini-games.

Share your creations with the community, try out what others have made, and maybe learn a new building trick or two along the way!

Source: Indie DB