As the topic reads. I remain transparent in my charity runs. On my profile page I will post pictures or other form of proof of donation.

In this charity, I am giving   100% of the proceeds I recieve from this sale. So for every $10 in sales, I am able to donate $8.61 (100% – what is taken by for taxes etc.

This donation goes to Safe Horizon!

Domestic Violence isn’t gender or age related. I victim maybe male, female, lgbtq, young or old. 

If you don’t feel comfortable donating here, you can contribute to them diretcly at Safe Horizon | Homepage    (gave it outside the link as I don;’t know if it is working)

My sale is currently at :   Charity to help victim’s of domestic violence! by repeatloader –

One of my more poular characters is in this sale:

PREMIUM MaeLee-Unreal-Blender-Unity with 200+ MORPHS-see script- by repeatloader (

you may purchase them individually or as a bundle for even greater savings.

This is for charity – even if you don’t need the assets ,  it would be great if you can help the organization either through this or directly through their website.