Greetings fellow gods,

Today, I would like to present to you the first trailer showcasing the early to mid game adventure gameplay of Soulash 2, a sandbox traditional roguelike about exploration, adventure, rise to power, and conquest. Here it is.

Since the release of the first Soulash game, I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to pursue game development full-time with the support of an artist from the very beginning, and I’ve decided to take this opportunity to redesign Soulash from the ground up and pursue the direction I dreamed of back in 2021, built around all the stretch goals of our failed Kickstarter campaign, and incorporate additional requests from players of the first game like character portraits, better movement, no durability on items, deeper crafting, procedural worlds, trading and more.

Soulash 2 will be a game about a world on the brink of destruction where you may choose which part of its story will involve your characters. It will feature procedurally generated worlds, regions, and simulated history of civilized settlements to enhance replayability.

Procedurally generated world with simulated history

It will have a completely redesigned character progression based on skills that unlock new active abilities, amplifiers that enhance abilities, passives, and actions to interact with the world, and crafting and building recipes.

Skill-based progression system

It will have a deeper crafting system that involves selecting resources of a specific type to customize the attributes of your items, with an additional incentive to hunt down particular monsters and beings for their rare resources.

Crafting customizable items

It will allow us to build our own huts, castles, towers, or our very own Black Pyramid anywhere we choose, from scorching deserts to ice-covered wastelands.

Building a hut somewhere deep in the Bitter Taiga

And it will feature three distinct game modes:
– High Fantasy – a slow-paced gameplay where our characters can’t die from our mistakes, and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor without much loss.
– Dark Fantasy – the default mode for players who like high-stakes combat but also wish to enjoy building something more significant than one character’s life and continue influencing the same world.
– Hardcore – a brutal, quick permadeath mode where the world dies with you.

Game Mods - High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Hardcore

Soulash 2 Early Access will begin around December, and we’ll have a public free demo soon, so wishlist the game on Steam and stay tuned for more!

Source: Indie DB