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Hello friends!
I think now is a good time to introduce you to our game in detail. This includes how it was conceived, its prerequisites and inspirations, as well as its lore and inhabitants. Seeing so many enthusiastic people like you looking forward to the release of this game is wonderful. Ksayfar is my nickname; I am the developer of Skelethrone, and I am starting a Developer Diary.

Welcome to the Makh-Abyss world.

Michael John Moorcock. Many are familiar with the name, while others are hearing it for the first time. As a fan of his Eternal Champion books, I was inspired to create this world. He is a superb (at least in my opinion) English writer of heroic fantasy.

During the height of the pandemic in February 2020, I (like many others in this world) isolated myself. In the middle of a cold winter night, I was conquering another adventure (for the umpteenth time). A sudden thought flashed across my mind; why don’t I make a game? This was the right time to do something like this. Despite my lack of experience in game development, my artistic and musical abilities were not lacking. The only thing I had to do was learn how to work with the game engine. Almost half a year later, the first prototype was ready. As I had several variations of the game’s main character, I decided he would be absolutely neutral in his quest for victory, as he is neither good nor evil. That’s how the Skeleton came to be.

My story will continue soon, but for now, you can check out the updated trailer to the Prologue.

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