Pitch Black Secrets of Epiotica is a Renaissance fantasy turn-based RPG in development inspired by SNES and PS1 classics with some detective twists and tons of sophisticated narrative. You can play a five-hour demo right now:



Grotesque murders are happening in the Neuctian Republic, lit by the moonlight. The task of solving the mystery falls upon a swift and slightly arrogant warrior named Triché, who flies through the night skies on a giant bat and belongs to the Order of the Sisters of the Glaive. As she delves deeper into a world of dark streets, carnival masks, and strange creatures, Triché begins to understand that every secret leads to another, each one more terrifying than the last.

Conceptual landmarks   

Sources of inspiration included vintage masterpieces such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Persona 2, Lufia II, as well as European texts imbued with the spirit of carnival and adventure, primarily Nocturnes and Fantasy Pieces in Callot’s Manner by E. T. A. Hoffmann and Gargantua and Pantagruel by F. Rabelais.

Key Features

⚜ Detective Story. Unravel intricate plots and events behind gruesome murders. Talk to people, notice inconsistencies. Pulling one thread can reveal something unimaginable.

⚜ Recursion. Listen to the stories of random strangers and play as them inside their memories. Everything is interconnected.

⚜ Captivating Lore. Immerse yourself in the nocturnal world of the Neuctian Republic, with its masquerade deceptions, political intrigues, and complex human destinies. Everyone has something to hide. Nothing is as it seems.

⚜ Tactical turn-based battles. Engage in clashes with whimsical creatures in the valleys of Epiotica and the marginalized denizens in the dark streets of Parletto City. Challenge the archaic darkness lurking in the corners! Your weapons are knowledge: medicine, music, science of bestiaries, astrophysics, and the mysterious energy of the Carnival.

⚜ Sophisticated Arsenal. Inspire the blacksmith with old tales to create masterpieces of weaponry, invent cutting-edge medicines and poisons, fill bottles with new liquids, exchange empty ones for money with the Glassblower, or simply throw those glass at them who fear it!

⚜ Rich Cuisine of Epiotica. No more potions, ethers or elixirs! Savor the most exquisite delicacies and drink the finest wines to restore your strength and abilities.

⚜ The Ultimate Selling Point. You can pet all the cats and dogs in the game.


I will greatly appreciate feedback, please enjoy!

Source: itch.io