On the continent of Athermyl, stricken by war and disease, Lord Milo embarks on an adventure to Hell to bring back his departed friend, Prince Nelson, who lost his life during the conflicts. In his quest, he will face the mightiest empires who have ruled on the surface, will have to overcome his fate, find a so-called Scepter of Thug, and play neither-yes-nor-no. A comedical tale carried by a bunch of misfits, obstinate to brave the highest of dangers!

Play now : https://arthurion98.itch.io/milo-no-senki-3

Milo no Senki 3 is a simplified turn-based tactical-RPG, where you attack in one click! Position your companions to counter the adversary army and lead Milo to victory throught the numerous battles that stands between you and your friend.

  • Take advantage of the different unit types and their role on the battlefield to turn the odds in your favour, but be cautious as your ennemies will use those same tools!
  • Navigate Hell, and surprise your opponent or discover new allies!
  • Do not fear losing! Down here, falling in battle and coming back to life with your past experience is as common as breathing.

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We also released a new Free Expansion where you can dive down into the Great Athermylian Civil War! This remake of the original Milo no Senki will let you experience the events that propulsed Milo into the fray of a continent in disarray!

Source: itch.io