Using money from a Canadian Digital Arts Grant, we created Malarkey: Joe Biden Edition.

Ostensibly, this program was meant to PROMOTE Canada, but instead, it actually INSULTS America.
I suppose it’s actually kind of MEAN in many respects. Like the way it mocks America’s Lefty Leaders with outrageously politically incorrect speech.

We made some people angry, going all the way up to our pussy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He declared it “hate software” and banned it from Canada. Pretty funny. We blew all the cash on BC Bud.

Don’t download it in Canada (we can’t actually restrict or control that) or you’ll find yourself poked by the pointy end of the new anti-free speech Bill C-11 law.

Y’all Americans are fortunate. You’re 1st Amendment guarantees you can talk all the shit you want.

It runs on a Windows PC.

Malarkey Meme Machine: Joe Biden Edition by 3-Blind-Frogs (