Hi all! For the longest time, I have not had the confidence to really post any games that I have been working on, but for this game, I am so happy with the amount of progress I made on it.

I am having so much fun developing this, and I hope to show you guys the vision I’ve been trying to create.

Link to the demo: https://hfstudios.itch.io/let-him-cook

Let Him Cook is a top-down action roguelike shooter where you play as a food industry professional fighting in the ultimate bullet hell arena. Crush, squash, and mash all kinds of live food puns with a variety of kitchen utensils!

2 years ago, I started my game development journey through a Unity class that was taught at my university. I instantly fell in love with it and began learning game dev at such a rapid pace. Within 4 months, I taught myself C#, blender, animation, and publishing. Before I knew it, I published my first game within 6 months, which was already an achievement in itself. Fast forward to now, I wanted to build off of my ideas from my first game, as there were a few mistakes and it was really hard and time consuming to create the entire structure of the game in 3D. So I decided to go with the 2D route and developed a style that I never would have figured out myself. The amount of euphoria from that alone convinced me to continue making this and, hopefully, with the support of you guys I will be able to keep on developing. I won’t lie to you guys, I hate the career path that I have now and perhaps someday, I can switch careers and pursue this full-time.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I love hearing other people’s thoughts and criticisms, because I truly care about making this the best version it can be.

Source: itch.io