The squirrel hunting game is inspired by another game called squirrel stapler. The story contains that a person has taken the uncle of the squirrels in order to help him survive and there are squirrels who want to get rid of you in order to get their uncle back to them. You have to hold out for five days because on the fifth day City god squirrels in order to The uncle takes and when killing each squirrel, the squirrel will cling to the uncle’s body in order to help him keep warm from the cold. You will have a gun to help you catch the squirrels and their organs for the uncle. With the passage of days, the demand will increase and the number of squirrels that you have to collect will increase. There are many squirrels that will appear to you:-
1-The first is the easy one: it’s a little squirrel that will hurt you as soon as you touch it.

2-The second squirrel is easy: it’s a giant squirrel and you’ll get hurt just by touching it.

3-The third squirrel is medium: it is a squirrel that flies, and as soon as you approach it, it will chase you and seduce you

4-The fourth squirrel is difficult: it is a giant squirrel in size and bloody in a large way, and if you approach it, it will chase you, and as soon as it touches you, it will explode

5-The fifth squirrel is invincible: he is the god of squirrels and cannot be seen nor even touched or harmed because he is invincible

And when any of these squirrels touch you, they will be hurt and your blood will decrease, but as soon as the blood ends, you will die, but there are some things that will help you with map, such as (health) and if you take it, it will fully fill your blood and also (bullets) if you run out of bullets, you can take it to load the gun again Because the game is difficult and you need to focus and not make the squirrels kill you, it is possible to sit for hours in order to finish the game because its story is long

IMPORTANT NOTE: The story of the game is completely different from the story of the squirrel stapler game, but it is very similar to it because the models are made the same as those in the squirrel stapler game, with slight differences.