Hey everybody!
My first mini fps top down game is now available for you all to play.

What’s the game about?
It is about a boy named Kevin that like to feed monkeys with some fruit, specially with bananas.
However the primates are very angry because they don’t eat for a while… So… Feed them if you want to leave.

One of the first Gameplays/Tests that I made.

The purpose of the game is to feed the monkeys and to stay alive to increase your score. You will have 3 lifes and each time a primeate hits you, you will lose 1 life.

So be fast and avoid being hit. The bananas have a started power of 25 and each time you catch the banana powerup the power will increase.
However, Be careful, after a while they start to spawn more often and their speed will increase.

Link: https://zarcadegamestudio.itch.io/kevin-feed-the-monkeys

Source: itch.io