I will release a series of games to the end. So the name of the series is “Zomboid”. The essence of the first 3 games is to run for a minute from zombies. And at 4 you run from people for zombies so that you are not cured. And in part 5 you run after zombies and heal them. There is a rather unusual plot (about it separately at the end). Here are links to all parts:

zomboid chapter 1 (dangerous city): https://kotofey124.itch.io/zomboid

Zomboid chapter 2 (dead city): https://kotofey124.itch.io/zomboid-chapter-2-dead-city

zomboid CHAPTER 3 (dangerous place): https://kotofey124.itch.io/zomboid-chapter-3-dangerous-place

zomboid chapter 4 (life or be a zombie): https://kotofey124.itch.io/zomboid-chapter-4-life-or-be-a-zombie

zomboid chapter 5 (end of story): https://kotofey124.itch.io/zomboid-chapter-5-end-of-story

Plot: You are a survivor who is trapped inside the city. A huge number of zombies are running after him. He was able to survive and escape. On one of the days of his journey through the city, he hears a signal from the station of the survivors. Our hero comes to the station but everyone is infected. But the hero is found by one survivor. After that, the two of them go to the base of that survivor. At the base, he is bitten by a zombie. (digression about the virus: this is a flu virus that has mutated). Running from the zombies in the base of that survivor, the hero becomes infected with the flu and becomes a zombie. After 3 years, they are trying to cure him. But the hero escapes. And after 5 more. The survivor who owned the base of the 3rd part was cured. After that, he goes and heals the zombies at his base (this is part 5). The series is now over and no sequels are planned.

Source: itch.io