If you would like to help MDA and would like a few Animation style and Game style 3d character assets, the purchase of this goes to a great cause. MDA helps those hit with muscular dystrophy. For $10.00 donation, I will recieve around $8.60 from Itch.IO – I will donate this to MDA and will be transparent to everyone in the donations. 

Muscular Dystrophy affects both children and adults and is detrimental to their systems. Many children do not live past their 20’s due to complications as other forms of it affect adults going into their 50’s and can act as bad to them as ALS itself but prolongs suffering over a longer period of time. Your donation to MDA helps them with research and giving assistance to those afflicted. 

I know this personally as they have helped me greatly and helped members of my family with necessities for those of us afflicted.

Here are a couple you can buy or get the entire bundle at at great price of only $10.00

PREMIUM MaeLee-Unreal-Blender-Unity with 200+ MORPHS-see script- by repeatloader (itch.io)

RobotBoy with 260 plus morphs for Unreal Unity by repeatloader (itch.io)

Erik HQ Premium Fighter for Unreal Unity and Blender by repeatloader (itch.io)

Source: itch.io