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Game Mechanics:

-Collect the coins and offer them to the altar to proceed to the next level!

Ravz is a 3D platformer game where players control a character navigating intricate levels to collect coins, which are then offered to an altar to win the game. 

New Features Added: 

1) Day and Night – This will give the game more alive. 

2) Trees – This will block the view of the player to make the game a little harder

3) Adding Heart Points – The player will respawn when die until the heart points become zero.

4) Sheep – The sheep will give heart points when collected.

5) Fog – To limit the distance view of the player.

6) Rotating Pole (Single and Double) – This will blow the player away when hit.

7) Falling Plank – has half a sec delay to fall when Player steps on it.

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