Hey everyone! My team and I released our game titled ‘Love Amidst the Timeless Rift‘ for Yaoi Jam 2023 and SuNoFes 2023. It’s the first jam for many of our members, so we hope that you can share your thoughts on the game with us! https://deniz-g-lerosi.itch.io/love-amidst-the-timeless-rift

Time has frozen for everyone except our hero and his fellow guild members, all thanks to an enigmatic artifact. But why, you ask? Well, it turns out the antagonist has some grand renovation plans for his castle. The only problem? He can’t pay his workers properly and can’t find anyone to work for free! So, he’s resorted to stealing and brainwashing people to create a massive army for his castle’s makeover. Who knew villainy came with a side of interior decorating? 

 Alas, there’s the matter of saving everyone. Who else but our protagonist is going to put a stop to the time-freeze effects of the artifact and make sure no one else gets caught up in this mess? However, the solution is not to raid a secret base and defeat the antagonist using a game glitch that grants our hero secret powers. It’s to get closer to him by … ENTERTAINING HIM AND CONFESSING YOUR SECRETS?!?! WITH YOUR GUID MEMBERS?!?!

We’re putting out a 25k demo for now, and the story covers the introduction to our love interests, which are the fellow guild members of our protagonist. Pick the character you like, whether you want to go for the more gentle and poetic guild master, Sylvian, or your playful and somewhat arrogant mission partner, Claude. The character you pick is the one you’ll share your secrets with!

Source: itch.io