This is the first release of my game, so it’s still in the early stages. The core gameplay and mechanics are there though.

It’s an open-world rpg with some quests to do, people to meet, and bosses to fight. There’s also some secrets to find, so be sure to check all those inconspicuous wells. It’s hopefully relatively bug free (fingers crossed) but it’s tough testing everything possible given all the variables at play with one of the quests. There’s still several underdeveloped concepts like a “gambling” system where you can bet gold (it was really made just to see if I could make one), and an alternative way to earn XP by training with an ex-adventurer. The combat still needs lots of balancing adjustments, but I at least got it to a point where you don’t get 1-shot by everything or miss every hit (I tried to balance around only having 2 party members). I know it’s still in an early phase, but I’d love to get feedback on what you liked and what you didn’t.