I am running a charity sale for MDA  at a great discount. 70% of proceeds will be donated to MDA (Im estimating 70% mostly in part of how much it held out by itch.io taxes…  

IE..  $10.00 sale would be around 8.60 donated..   

At the end of the sale, I will provite what is needed for proof of donation.. via — reciept image or page image showin g dowation.

Currently i have raised only 1 sale — 

If interested in helping MDA – you can goto this link:–

MDA Donation Push – 70% proceeds to MDA-Great Price! by repeatloader – itch.io

PREMIUM MaeLee-Unreal-Blender-Unity with 200+ MORPHS-see script- by repeatloader (itch.io)

This is one of the characters I have added in the sale  šŸ™‚

Source: itch.io