Danger has struck Pandaland! A giant monster is attacking! Legends say that whenever danger comes to Pandaland, a panda warrior has come to save the day! However, this time no warrior has appeared. Now you, just a regular panda, must train to become the legendary warrior!

Pandaland is an colorful action/rpg where you battle enemies and collect items to increase your stats. The game plays like an action platformer, but as you collect different fruit you will powerup. You can also collect coins to buy helpful items and new weapons. You can play each of the worlds in any order sort of like a Mega Man game; giving you freedom to explore Pandaland as you choose. There is also a lot of optional lore to the story for those that like that sort of thing. Ultimately, this is a passion project of all of the reasons I love video games.

Download Link: https://pig-hippo-games.itch.io/pandaland

Game Features:
-Buy new weapons and items! Weapons will also give you new ways to find fruit if you can figure them out.
-Lots of unique colorful enemies.
-14 levels to explore and five boss fights.
-A story about a panda and a giant monster!
-Colorful characters and NPCs to talk to.
-Play as a character with customizable stats.

Source: itch.io