A whole bunch of changes and improvements since the last one! And a slew of new content and secrets as well…

I made a quick combat-focused trailer for the new demo, if it looks interesting, please try it. The input I got from the first demo was truly great and I think I fixed all things people pointed out. Post your complaints and thoughts, no need to be nice to me. 


Many objects in the world can be interacted with, some of them give permanent bonuses or supply you with new moods. 

Sometimes you can speak to people more than once, even when there is no (…) bubble by their head. 

Cards and moods are powerful tools, change your gear to adapt to new situations. 

Moods and intentions are sometimes added to your inventory without informing the player, take a look from time to time. 


(Playername) Winter is looking for an old girlfriend, Velouria. A young woman named Sarah learns to hunt with her dad Billy, both haunted by the memories of a dead mother/wife.
Aylina Abdinette is a young woman who takes on social media and life in the big, dark city.
Dietze Wiltex works alone on a converted oil rig, troubled by his fear of other people and failure.
Steven Segorgia slaves away in an office and hates women.
Anemone Winter struggles with greatest project of her life, with the intention of saving her son.
The game is an RPG with a strange surreal world where the protagonist gets to experience the lives of a few other lost people. As he ventures through their memories we get to define who he is and perhaps finally, in the end, find his beloved Velouria.





–  Made it easier to click on objects and characters.

–  Updated music in combat. 

–  Nerfed enemies

– Added scanlines and glitcheffect to combat. 

– Added (…) bubbles to indicate what moves the story forward. 

– Whole bunch of content for act 2, teensarah. 

– Fixed some combat animations. 

– Improved combat system. 

– 4 playable partymembers can be accessed in the demo. 

–  Fixed a whole bunch of bugs. 

– Removed swirly wind effect since it kept fucking things up. 

– Added some general directions to keep the player on the path to progress. 


– Whole bunch of quality of life improvements. 

– Secrets. 

Almost forgot – Sturgeon is now cuter.