I noticed that Stupid Brothers is getting a lot of attention recently, what with it’s meme like cast of characters! Well, I decided to take advantage of the huge player spike and made an update. V1.01! It’s basically what you’d expect out of a new update; new characters and new stages. But there’s huge change ready to spice up anyone’s match!

Introducing: The Items!

Yes, items, Wouldn’t have guessed, would ya? In the original version, items were seemingly gone in place of stronger item like moves, like SpongeBob’s side special or Gumball’s neutral special. This change was made because I didn’t really see the use of items, as I didn’t expect the game to get as big as it did! But now, with the rise of players, I’ve decided to dodge a bullet and add some items to spice up a match! There are 4 items in total, each doing their own different and unique thing. Let me introduce you to them:

  • A Bowling Ball: This special little bowling ball isn’t just any ordinary bowling ball. This specific one hails from an unknown island known as Wuhu Island. I bet that name sounds familiar to some people who played Wii Sports Resort. This item behaves like the Green Shell; when bounced on, thrown or attacked, the ball will begin to move in the direction it was hit, bounced or thrown. This isn’t without risk, if your not lucky enough, you may be the one getting hit by your own ball, so be careful. Remember: hitting fighters earns you strikes, hitting yourself with said item gets you no points.

  • Troll Face Burrier: This familiar meme hailed from the early ages of memes, back when ytps were a thing. This little troll will, when thrown, bury itself underground. Any fighter unlucky enough to step on the exact spot the troll was buried will get stuck for a few seconds. (How long you get stuck depends on your damage) This leaves you or your opponent free to forward smash you to oblivion, so be careful!

  • A fresh can of Pepsi: This mysterious fizzy drink was dropped off at stupid bros HQ one day. I was so infatuated by the taste that I decided to make it an item in this game. It’s the main healing item, and the only healing item in the entire game. (unless you go to training mode and select any of the other items, you sneaky cheater) It heals 50% of your health back. This may seem good, but choosing to drink the pepsi isn’t without risk. You may find it useless depending on your health, your current situation, or if another fighter steals it.
  • TNT: Now I know y’all are wondering, “Why did he put TNT as an item when Steve’s final smash has him throwing out TNT?” Well to answer that question, idk. I just ran out of ideas for items and decided we needed a bomb item, so here ya go! It behaves the same as the Bob-Omb from Smash Bros; it can explode on both the opponent and you. It also gained the ability to walk, which means 2 more strange things for you to worry about. (You’ll get to the file size, ik you will)

That’s it for the items. I would get into the characters, but there are so many newcomers that it’d be hard to reveal them all! Who are the newcomers? Your gonna have to download the update and find out!

But anyway, that’s all for this post. Post a reply telling me what you think and if this game deserves another update. Here’s the link to where you can get not only the old version, but the new version! Enjoy and keep on playing the game. It’s still worth it!

Super Stupid Brothers (A Modpack For SSBC) by MultiverseRumble2 (itch.io)

Source: itch.io