I’d like to announce that a passion project I’ve been working on for many years is finally in the playtesting stage! This is Project Overdrive: An Action Movie RPG. This is a tabletop role-playing game inspired by and set in a VHS era world of dinosaurs, mutants, and robots run amok. The game features an original system that focuses on narrative play, flexible skills, and high-temp action. It also features a setting-neutral rulesets, and a quick and easy character creation method with interchangable classes.

The game is still in development, I’m sending out this early Alpha playtest copy to both introduce people to the game and the system, as well as offer them everything they need to start setting up games of their own. The playtest includes all of the rules necessary for running games, but expect incomplete sections.

I welcome people to go check it out and leave their thoughts! We’re still balancing out the rules so constructive feedback is welcome! Also, consider donating so that we can hire a full-time illustrator and really bring this book to life!

Source: itch.io