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Just putting the final touches on a complete game in itself, even though at the same time it technically is a demo.  The demo has a complete plot from start to finish, random treasure in most of the dungeons and other areas where treasure is found – for replayability – and a rock-and-roll digital soundtrack made by recording my electric guitar and combining it with a drum plug-in and other instruments in REAPER (DAW software kinda like pro-tools but not as expensive).  The game goes between a scrolling top-down orthographic camera view and 3D battles, a little like Final Fantasy 7 but with textures on the models and my own custom graphic shaders.  The scrolling top-down view uses texture arrays for terrain and backgrounds and 3D modeled characters walking on top of it.

This is NOT a smartphone or tablet game.  It also took me several years to get it made.  The modeling, texturing, animating, soundtrack, sound FX, programming, scripting, and more made me become a jack-of-all-trades to pull it off.  Having programmed and making my own video game projects since the 1980s also helped a bit.  (Yeah, I’m kinda old now.)

The difference between it and the non-demo is the non-demo will be another adventure with the same engine and resources/assets but longer and with more content, monsters, bad guys, etc.

Aside from all technical stuff, this free demo game is fully playable and is a combination of fantasy and sci-fi taking place in a future planet Earth where there is magic (spellbooks, throwing fireballs and lightning at enemies, etc.) as well as technology (computers, shooting bad guys with SMGs and assault rifles, etc.) which co-exist in the same future Earth (magical computers, kitchen appliances that include enchanted parts as well as electronics such as magic microwave ovens, etc.) as parts of daily life for people.  The game is about the adventures of a 15-year old boy named Peter who is one of five identical twin siblings (at the start of the game the siblings can be any combination of male or female according to the player’s desires, as well as many other customization options).  Peter and his family journey to find Peter’s Aunt or Uncle after their parents pass away, and gradually discover a bunch of stuff that I’m not going to fully explain here as it would spoil everything.  The game does offer an in-game adventuring log which, even at the start of the game, has entries in it that explain quite a bit, and get expanded with more entries as things happen and as the player has conversations with NPCs.

This one’s made for Windows PCs, and all the text and in-game conversations are in American English.  Sorry about that, but I don’t know any other language, and I’m the only developer.

The game has a lot of fighting battles and leveling up, but no blood and no graphic violence.  It was designed from the start to be kid-safe, at least somewhat, and besides I can only animate and depict so many things in the game that could happen to a fifteen-year-old boy without there being problems anyways, as I hope to have this game available in more than the USA and laws vary about things being represented in video games.  The player characters also can’t go through any permanent death, but rather get stunned if their HP runs out, but the game is hopefully far from boring.

The non-demo, when it gets finished, won’t be free, and will hopefully make some money, but this version is free to download, install, play, and pass around, and it doesn’t have any DLC or micro-whatever nonsense in it.  I don’t do DLC.  I do UPDATES for people who buy my software, thank you very much.

I have plenty of screenshots.