Hello, everyone, I am a child from China(What I do has nothing to do with the country.). I am learning to make games. The test game “Hero Duel” I made while learning a few months ago has been released in itch, and the price is 1 US dollar, I know that the game I made is not worth $1, but I still price it at $1, because it is a game that can kill time, and in a sense, it is priceless. Well, that’s all for the hero versus hero. What I want to say next is that the game “Personality” I prepared in early August also met with you immediately. This game tells the story of XiaoShuai, a schizophrenic patient, who seeks the help of a doctor and destroys his other personality, and finally dies in a world without personality maintenance.This is my first game Areleased in itch.

Source: itch.io